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Jarrah Coffee Vienna Cinnamon Latte (250g)
Bundaberg Lemon, Lime & Bitters Stubby (12 x 375ml bottles)
4 Pines Indian Summer Pale Ale (4 x 375ml cans)
Darrell Lea Dark Chocolate Bullets (200g)
Whittakers Artisan Collection Nelson Pear & Manuka Honey in Milk Chocolate (100g)
Arnotts Tim Tam Messina - Chocolate Mint (160g)

SANZA (an acronym for South Africa New Zealand Australia), specialise in the import and distribution of all your favourite goodies from back home. No matter which corner of the Southern Hemisphere you stem from, we have a treat or two to get your mouths watering and stomachs rumbling.

Dedicated to destroying the homesick feeling, we try our hardest to never be shy of confectionary staples like the Australian Cherry Ripe, New Zealands Whittakers Peanut Slab, or the Saffa favourite Ė Nestle Peppermint Crisp!

We are not all things sweet toothed however, so if savory snacks are more your thing, we have Burger Rings, Twisties, Biltong, and even Boerewors to satisfy the cravings. A massive selection of Australian and New Zealand Beers (many of which we are the only company to import) are always at hand to elevate a hard earned thirst. Not even a last minute gift is impossible for us. With plenty of gift hampers ready to go, your personalized hamper can be with your loved one as soon as tomorrow!

We also offer an extensive range of health and beauty products like Lucas Papaw Ointment, Camphor Cream, and Manuka honey products and with an ever growing list of souvenirs, you can always look the part at any sporting event or antipodean occasion!

We have no doubt that our easy to use website, friendly and efficient service will have you coming back for more. Unless of course you arenít interested in next day service, loyalty discounts, free delivery, the cheapest prices and more products from home than you can poke a stick atÖ Didnít think so!

Happy shopping from the SANZA Team!!

New Zealand Shop
Whittakers Peanut Slab
Burger Rings
Pineapple Lumps
Chocolate Fish
Bluebird Cheezels
Perky Nana
Pixie Caramel Bars
Buzz Bars
Australian Shop
Cadbury Cherry Ripe
Tim Tams Original
Twisties Cheese
Arnotts Shapes BBQ
Caramello Koalas
Arnotts Chocolate Mint Slice
Allens Snakes Alive
Bundaberg Ginger Beer
Burger Rings
Violet Crumble
South African Shop
Simba Mrs Balls Chutney Chips
Peppermint Crisp
Sparletta Creme Soda
Fanta Grape
Chappies Bubblegum
Ouma Rusks Buttermilk
Mrs Balls Chutney