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Best Before Dates

Items displayed in this area are often approaching or past their 'Best Before' dates.

'Best Before' dates (not to be confused with 'Use By' dates found on products such as fresh meat and fish) are simply a manufacturers guideline concerned to a products quality.

Often companies like Bluebird and Smiths stamp their products with short dates for commercial reasons rather than any real reflection of actual food quality.

We find most goods are perfectly good to eat for many months after.

For more information and any legalities clarification visit the Food Standards Agency website.

South African Specials

Willards Flings (150g)
was £2.90
now £2.32
Best Before 5 March 2024
(more info)
Willards Flings (150g) - are currently on special!
20% off!
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Beacon Marshmallow - Toasted Coconut (150g)
was £2.50
now £2.00
Best Before 11 March 2024
(more info)
Beacon Marshmallow - Toasted Coconut (150g) - are currently on special!
20% off!
only 4 left in stock
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Simba Chipniks (100g)
was £2.85
now £2.56
Best Before 19 March 2024
(more info)
Simba Chipniks (100g) - are currently on special!
10% off!
only 5 left in stock
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Bakers Nuttikrust (200g)
was £4.05
now £2.71
Best Before 26 March 2024
(more info)
Bakers Nuttikrust (200g) - are currently on special!
1/3 off!
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