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New Zealand Flag Iron On Patch

New Zealand Flag Iron On Patch
New Zealand Flag Iron On Patch
New Zealand Flag Iron On Patch - Out of Stock

This product is no longer available from our website.

Iron On Patch Instructions:

1. Garment should be clean. New clothing should be washed prior to application of patches in case of shrinkage.
2. Place the garment front side up on an ironing board with a pressing-cloth (old tea towel, t-shirt, pillowcase etc) underneath.
3. If the garment is not single layer, protect the second layer from any escaping adhesive by placing another pressing-cloth between the two layers of the garment.
4. Position the patch front side up
5. Place a pressing-cloth over the patch
6. Using a hot iron (not steam), press firmly using a circular motion for about 45 seconds.
7. Turn the garment onto reverse side and repeat steps 5&6
8. Turn garment back onto front side again and repeat 5&6.

PLEASE NOTE: For best results sew around the edge, as permanent application is only guaranteed by sewing.

DO NOT IRON onto non-iron fabrics, e.g. nylons, vinyl, leather, silk, wool etc. If in doubt sew onto garment instead of ironing.

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Product Information

Product Weight:2g *

* 20% is added for padding and packaging to calculate the parcel weight

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